Hyperlinks and URLs | Elearning Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Don’t use “click here” – here’s what to do instead!

We’ve covered why accessibility is important, we talked a little bit about the LAW, and we’ve even covered alt-text – let’s get into hyperlinks:


Did you? Why or why not?

All you knew is that there was hyperlinked text exhorting you to “click here!” You had no idea where the link went.

Imagine being a screenreader user. They experience this kind of poor web design all the time.

Similarly, if you paste in hyperlinks like this:


screenreader users would just have the link read aloud to them. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t have the patience to listen to that even once, let alone frequently.

Instead, hyperlink descriptive keywords or a short phrase that tells your users up front where they’re going to end up.

Want more – please read this Medium article on why you shouldn’t use “click here.”

See what I did there?