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Why is accessibility important? | Elearning Accessibility Tips and Tricks

Check out my new YouTube short video series: Elearning Accessibility Tips and Tricks! Whether you are an elearning developer, an online educator, or someone just trying to make their online materials accessible and usable for everyone, this video series features bite-sized guidance and practical how-to tips.

My goal with this video series is to demystify accessibility, explain the lingo, like Section 508 (what’s that?), and demonstrate how to implement a variety of accessibility techniques and features including alt-text, headings, contrast, formatting, closed captions, visual design, and how to analyze existing content for accessibility.

As the CDC notes: 1 in 4 Americans has a disability. Web content that appears to be perfectly usable for someone without a disability might be completely unusable for someone that uses a screen reader or other assistive technologies. The same text that is formatted beautifully for sighted and able-bodied users might sound like or appear as a run-on sentence to users with disabilities. The key is to not just format text visually (bold, italics, font sizes), but to use commonly available features like styles and headings so that your text is formatted in the backend code to work perfectly with assistive technologies.

And the same features that make web content usable for disabled persons also makes that content more usable for everyone!

If you have ever enlarged text on a website, turned on closed captions for a video, or used dictation to type or text, you have used assistive technologies! Making your online projects and content accessible makes it more usable for everyone!

It can feel overwhelming to get started with creating accessible materials! But it’s pretty easy to get started and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Jump in now by learning why it’s important to build in accessibility:

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