Paper to Slide Deck in 5 Minutes with ChatGPT 4

As a doctoral student with two part-time jobs, I’m pretty busy. I’m always looking for ways to save time, particularly on tedious tasks. Last week I was signed up to present my doctoral project in a semi-formal environment, an after-hours mini-conference, so that I could get feedback on my ideas.

I know my project well. I wrote a 9-page synopsis of it. But turning it into a PowerPoint myself sounded time-consuming! So I did what any busy student would do: look for a shortcut.

In this case, I happen to have access to ChatGPT 4 through an Enterprise account at Arizona State University. ASU is the first university to partner with OpenAI for an Enterprise account. I thought that would mean that everyone on campus would get a license. Not the case! Instead, ASU launched an AI Innovation Challenge. I had to come up with a project and submit it in order to get a license.

There were 1,000 licenses available and I was determined to get one! My project was one of 100 selected. I ended up with two licenses. One for me, and one for my colleague who wanted to partner up. (My proposal was for a project where I will build a GPT to bring up documents and slide decks to ASU brand standards.)

This is my first time having access to a paid ChatGPT account and it’s amazing! I’m learning so much about how to use ChatGPT and about AI in general.

So, last week, when I was faced with having to summarize my own research project, I opted out and had ChatGPT do it for me. In less than 10 minutes I turned a 9-page paper into a neat and tidy slide deck that uses my own PowerPoint theme. I saved at least half an hour of time!

See how I did it in this video:

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