Adobe Firefly: The Best Gen AI Image Creator You Didn’t Know You Had!

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Have Adobe Creative Cloud? You have Adobe Firefly! Don’t have Creative Cloud? You still have Firefly (25 images/month for free!)

Firefly is unique as an AI image creator because it was trained only on Adobe-licensed and public domain content, making the resulting generated images safe to use anywhere (copyright-wise). Its tools for creating customized images are outstanding, as is the diversity of images of people that it generates!

If you are a regular user of sites like Unsplash or Pixabay, put the free images down and start creating your own with Firefly!

See my full review here:

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  1. Susan Sigge

    Hey Lindsay! I love this! I’m going to give it a try right now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. As always, you have wonderfully informative and interesting videos.

  2. Helen

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tool. Very excited to give it a try!