This One’s for the Librarians: SpringShare LibWizard Reviewed!

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Librarians have unique needs as information literacy instructors. They teach users to browse book catalogs and search databases, they work with faculty to teach their students information literacy, and they have a growing need to offer asynchronous online tutorials.

But they also have to keep track of how much instruction they conduct and prefer to retain control over the tutorials they create, they don’t want to just hand over content and not be able to update it later on.

Enter Springshare LibWizard!

From the same company that brings LibGuides is a cloud-based tool that allows librarians to create tutorials, quizzes, and surveys while retaining control and tracking user input.

Sounds good, right?

LibWizard allows librarians to pair a tutorial with (almost) any web resource, as well as images, PDFs, videos, and more.

Check out a simple demo I made:

Intro to Web Accessibility (mine)

  • LibWizard Features
    • Lets you put a tutorial on the same page as a web resource (i.e. library home page, database search, etc.)
    • Lives with your LibGuides
    • Cloud-based, browser-based
    • Bundle with your existing Springshare subscription
    • Tracks learners (and learner input!)
    • Issues certificates of completion
  • Libwizard Challenges
    • Unintuitive interface
    • Difficult to set up proxied web resources
    • Tutorials suffer from split-attention effect
    • Not accessible/508-compliant

Full Review

See my full video review: