Showing My Work: Step 1A – Proof of Concept

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In my last post, I declared my intentions to make a wilderness survival game using Captivate 2019’s 360 and VR features.

Well, my 360 camera came in the mail yesterday, and I ended up making a proof-of-concept using the camera and Captivate 2019. So, while this is not a sketch like I thought the next step would be, it is an extension of Step 1 since it’s an example of what I was thinking. Let’s call it Step 1A: Still Hatching an Idea.

Behold – a silly, text-based “game” called Welcome Home. Try it out on your desktop or mobile devices.

welcome home game

I used the Responsive Project format for this proof-of-concept prototype. I wanted to intersperse the 360 images with text-based slides that do the storytelling. This format cannot be deployed on a VR headset, though, as I wrote yesterday, you can copy and paste the 360 slides into a VR project. It worked very well on my desktop and my mobile phone!

Bonus: 360 photos of my messy home! (Though clearly I need to work on getting a level horizon!)


Step 1: Hatch an Idea
Step 1A: Proof of Concept
Step 2: Sketch It Out
Step 3: Develop It
Step 4: Test and Revise