Post-Winter Break Update

I enjoyed the heck out of my winter break! I had 12 whole days off from work. I spent it beach camping, hiking, running, swimming, strength-training, reading, and binge-watching TV. I brought home work-related educational books to read, but didn’t even crack them. I really need to stop deluding myself that I’m going to work over breaks.

Once I was back in the office, I became almost instantly overwhelmed. The day before winter break I moved to a new office to be consolidated with the campus’ other instructional designers. I’m the only faculty among them, so that’s kind of weird since my job isn’t ALL instructional design, but the possibilities for collaboration are awesome.

My first week back from winter break just ended up being logistics problems. Took me a couple of days to even get a key for my office, several days for my computer to be connected to the network, more than a week for my phone to follow me. I had two days of training off-site. Meanwhile, the deadlines for grants and conference proposals are suddenly looming. And I needed to meet with staff and librarians to work on various projects.

Today is the end of the second week back – and things are looking up. It’s a three day weekend ahead, two days of which I’ll spend in Arizona for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. Monday, I swear, I’m going to get some work done! I have a blog post due for the ACRLog on the 20th. I spent a lot of time working on a post on class in libraries, but dropped it recently after I realized that the post didn’t have enough of a focus, and I didn’t want to be political (just yet). My new post is about becoming an Instructional Design Librarian – not about my background, but how I’m really getting started in this brand new position for my library.

Spoiler – I’m still figuring it out! But my projects are exciting, and the possibilities are endless.


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Tejon Pass, Southern California