Introduction to Instructional Design Video Series

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New to instructional design? Instructional designers are needed now more than ever! Check out my brand new six-part YouTube series Introduction to Instructional Design! This short series covers the basics of instructional design. This series covers:

  • How instructional design is defined
  • ADDIE and SAM: Two instructional design systems/models and why you need them
  • How people learn
  • Learning theories: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism
  • Memory and motivation

Each video is concise and covers just what you need to know! There’s also tons of interactivity sprinkled in. See the show notes for each video to get links to further resources and recommendations. I also have tons of book recommendations for new instructional designers/elearning developers.

I love teaching instructional design and I want to create more free content for new and intermediate instructional designers. If you have suggestions for future posts and videos, please comment below!

YouTube Series Intro to Instructional Design

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  1. Steve

    Brilliant videos. I’m familiar with managing Cognitive Load as it is featured in Ruth Colvin Clark’s book. No learners wish to be bombarded with too much information so smaller chunks is important!