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My recommendations series continues on, focusing today on podcasts! Going for a walk? Pop your earbuds in and learn along the way. I really enjoy listening to podcasts episode by episode. I find that I learn so much more than choosing specific episodes. One particularly memorable episode was from Connie Malamed’s eLearning Coach podcast on the topic of writing test questions. Test questions! That doesn’t sound very thrilling, right? But it was so interesting and dramatically improved my ability to write test questions. I listened to this episode years ago and still reflect on it.

That’s what I find podcasts really useful for – deep dives into topics that I’m not very familiar with. There’s so much to learn in this field!

Podcasts for Instructional Designers

  • Dear Instructional Designer
    Lovely podcast by instructional designer Kristin Anthony covers a wide variety of instructional design and elearning topics and interviews with people in the field.
  • eLearning Coach 
    The original elearning podcast – ID pro Connie Malamed covers a wide variety of topics and interviews people in the field. Many podcasts have complementary blog posts, highly recommend.
  • Elearning Scenario Design
    Anna Sabramowicz (of Broken Co-Worker fame) focuses on scenarios – how to do them, what they’re for. Episodes are short and personable.
  • Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, & Learning Sciences
    Dr. Abbie Brown and Dr. Tim Green, authors of the terrific book Essentials of Instructional Design, write a blog and host a podcast. It’s less professionally produced than the others, but it may be of interest to those more academically minded.
  • TLDCast
    This one’s for the DevLearn/Learning Solutions crowd. Targeted at a more corporate audience, including learning and development as well as training specialists, this wide-reaching podcast features topical episodes as well as interviews with prominent figures in the field.
  • Learning Science Weekly
    I was already a huge fan of their weekly newsletters summarizing the latest in learning science news, so I’m thrilled to recommend their podcast. It’s new, but so far content ranges from topical to interviews and profiles.

Any other podcasts you’d recommend? Pop them into the comments below! Want more recommendations?

Podcasts for Instructional Designers

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