ALA Poster Teaser Infographic: How to Reuse H5P Content

I would love to chat about how you’re using H5P at ALA Annual in New Orleans! I’ve got three presentations/events lined up:

I do a lot of training on elearning development and accessibility. As a teaser for my poster session, here’s a shareable infographic on reusing H5P content and attributing appropriately! (Click the image for a larger version)

How to reuse H5P content (full-text after infographic)

How to Reuse H5P Content

Content created at is automatically made public and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, unless the content author states otherwise (1)

  1. Download H5P content
  2. Upload to account
  3. Cite the original H5P content in your version:
    Include the content title, a link to the original content, the creator’s username, and the Creative Commons license (default: CC BY 4.0).
    Example:Drag the Words Citation Test” by booksin is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Source: 1. H5P. Licensing. H5P.