ALA Poster Teaser Infographic: Accessible H5P Activities

I would love to chat about elearning development and accessibility at ALA Annual in New Orleans! I’ve got three presentations/events lined up:

I do a lot of training on elearning development and accessibility. As a teaser for my poster session, here’s a shareable infographic on the H5P content types that are interactive and may be made fully accessible!

Accessible H5P Activities Infographic (full-text after infographic)

Click image for larger version!

Accessible H5P Activities

Content must be made accessible as well.

  • Course Presentation
    • Create a presentation with interactive slides
    • Example: Multi-slide tutorial; combine multimedia content with activities
  • Dialog Cards
    • Create text-based turning cards
    • Example: Flash cards; identify the image
  • Drag & Drop
    • Create drag and drop tasks with images
    • Example: Put items into order; identify scholarly vs popular
  • Drag the Words
    • Create text-based drag and drop tasks
    • Example: Assemble a citation; practice in-text citations
  • Guess the Answer
    • Create an image with a question and answer
    • Example: Identify source format
  • Image Hotspots
    • Create an image with multiple info hotspots
    • Example: Practice identifying parts of a scholarly article
  • Interactive Video
    • Create videos enriched with interactions
    • Example: Insert knowledge checks into a video
  • Mark the Words
    • Create a task where users highlight words
    • Example: Identify parts of a citation
  • Quiz (Question Set)
    • Create a sequence of various question types
    • Example: Check for understanding; Trivia Games

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