DevLearn DemoFest: APA Citation Tutorial

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I’m not only presenting on badges and microlearning at DevLearn, I get to show off one of my favorite projects! I’ll be spending two hours at DevLearn’s DemoFest showing off my APA Citation Tutorial, which is a non-linear scenario-based learning experience.

We all know learning to cite your sources using a given style, like APA, is not fun. But the only way to learn it is to do it. Learning APA style is really about learning to apply the style’s rules to given information, but the citation tutorials I’ve seen so far are incomplete and mostly just require students to identify parts of a citation, or drag and drop given parts into proper order.

In this tutorial, students are given a more true-to-life scenario: they’ve finished writing their paper, and now they have to cite the three sources they used! They are provided with browseable virtual versions of the sources as well as an APA style guide. It’s up to them to complete the citations, and they have the option to play games along the way to help them figure it all out!

The goal is to get students to start practicing creating their own citations by having to look up the style information and put it into action, just like in real life. This tutorial doesn’t try to force them to memorize information, just to figure out how to apply it.

I’ve already written a bit about this tutorial in a past blog post. But here, I’ve put together a demo version so that allows you to quickly explore an abbreviated version of this tutorial!

View tutorial full-screen

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