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Building Custom Navigation Into Your Storyline Projects

Want to have your own custom, onscreen navigation buttons in your Storyline project? No problem! Just disable the default next and back buttons and customize the look of your player. It’s quick and easy and I’ll show you how!

Select the “Player” button in the top right of the Storyline editing window to select the features that your player should have, like seekbar, volume, accessibility controls.

To disable the default next and back buttons, either go slide-by-slide, select the little gear icon in the bottom of the slide view, then uncheck the buttons you don’t want.

Or, in the Story view, select all of the slides that you want to remove buttons from, then in the bottom right corner, uncheck the unwanted navigation.

Custom navigation can also be built into your master slides, which can make your life easier!

Watch my video to see how to customize your navigation:

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