Adobe Captivate: Force Users to View Modules Before Taking a Quiz

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Happy 4th!

I made use of the time I saved by not going anywhere for the weekend (yay?) by creating a new video on Adobe Captivate. Learn how to force users to complete a tutorial’s modules before moving on to the quiz.

This might not be the best way to accomplish this, but this is the simplest way. There are always different ways to accomplish the same thing!

In this demo, I use one variable and two advanced actions. Download the project demo raw file.

To do this yourself:

  1. Create your variable: I named mine “ModuleVisits” and set the initial value to zero.
  2. Create your module landing pages. Include a button to return to main menu.
  3. Create your menu slide with buttons linking to each module. Create a quiz button, but set it to not visible in output (properties pane). Name your quiz button as “Quiz Button” so it’s easier to find when creating your advanced actions.
  4. Create two advanced actions:
    • Non-conditional: Increment “ModuleVisits” by 1. I named this action as “ModuleVisitIncrement.”
    • Conditional: If “ModuleVisits” is greater than or equal to three (three being number of modules), then Show “Quiz Button.” Else: Continue. I named this action as “QuizAppears”
  5. Let’s program your advanced actions to execute!
    • On your main menu, set “QuizAppears” to execute on enter.
    • On EACH of your module landing pages, set “ModuleVisitIncrement” to execute on enter.

That’s it! You can place a text caption on your main menu with the “ModuleVisits” variable showing to make sure it works in your preview.