2020 Presentations

Recordings available online.

SchoolsFirst Center for Creativity and Critical Thinking

    • K12 Online Teaching Webinars: Backwards Design Strategies
      This session introduced backward design, also known as competency-based learning. We covered the basics of lesson design and writing measurable learning objectives.
    • K12 Online Teaching Webinars: Humanizing Online Teaching
      We talked about how getting social can improve learning, how using Universal Design for Learning principles benefits every learner, and we introduced accessibility guidelines.
    • K12 Online Teaching Webinars: Strategies for Developing Online Learning
      This session will cover strategies for teaching a variety of content and constructing active learning experiences. We’ll talk about developing your own content and assessment and adapting existing materials.
    • K12 Online Teaching Webinars: 20 Free Apps for Online Teaching
      I’ll share all of my favorite open and free apps and resources for teaching online.

Cal State Fullerton’s Instructional Design and Technology Program Summer Webinar Series

    • Introduction to Instructional Design
      This session introduced instructional design models and how people learn. We covered ADDIE, SAM, learning theories, memory, motivation, and feedback, and diverse ways of learning.
    • Eye-Catching in a Good Way: Basics of Graphic Design
      This session will serve as a primer on effective visual design. We’ll cover basic graphic design principles, the use of color, type, and typography, and designing effective slides, handouts, and job aids.
    • Learning for Everyone: Accessibility and 508 Compliance
      In this session, we’ll talk about how you can create online learning experiences that are usable by everyone. We’ll define accessibility, cover common accessibility pitfalls, talk about legal requirements under Section 508, and we’ll cover strategies to analyze content for accessibility.
    • Fair Use Isn’t Everything: Copyright, Public Domain, and Creative Commons
      This session will cover finding and reusing existing content for your learning experiences. We’ll dive into copyright, fair use, Public Domain, and Creative Commons.

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