The Zenith of Spring

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At this moment, I am preparing to teach three one-shot sessions back-to-back (all for one instructor, how does she handle this workload twice a week??). I’m also meaning to finish up a proposal for ACRL’s Assessment in Action, I need to record a short something for a virtual poster presentation for ACRL with a colleague, I need to start prepping for an instructional design workshop for librarians, I should probably start on another blog post for ACRLog, but I also need to prep for two back-to-back classes first thing Monday morning that a colleague will sit in and evaluate. I also have a colleague sitting in on one of today’s classes. I have to have two instruction evaluations for my first portfolio this fall.

OH – also, I need to help finish a group poster proposal on OA and OERs for a campus symposium. And working on some stuff for an Earth Week book display. Somehow last week I also became VP for our librarians’ council, and I said I’d pick up an officer position in my newly joined Toastmasters club.

What I’m really looking forward to is plotting out the sessions I want to attend at ACRL, but I know once I start that, it will be time-consuming because there will be so much to choose from! Speaking of travel, I also need to fill out two travel claims, put in a travel request, and put in a request for more travel funds from those unused by the 28th if I’d like some extra money.

I think this is probably the busiest part of spring semester for me. Once I get over the hump of next week, I’ll be able to focus on more fun stuff!


Photo Credit: Littlefield Garden Trees
by NightThree~commonswiki