Professional Organizations for Instructional Designers

All of the opportunities I’ve received have come through networking. My first library internship at UC Riverside came through a classmate in my library masters program, giving me my first professional experience. A mentor at that internship got me another library internship at Arizona State, which helped me land a staff job there (paid! Thank […]

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Recommended Websites, Conferences, Podcasts, Professional Organizations, & Social Media Groups for Instructional Design and Elearning

Occasionally I get asked by new instructional designers what websites they should check out, what podcasts I like, what conferences are good to attend. Here’s my official list of recommendations for instructional design and elearning websites, conferences, podcasts, professional organizations, and social media groups. Websites Experiencing E-Learning by Christy Tucker Christy is a freelance ID pro. […]

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Getting Started with Virtual Reality

I’m presenting at Realities360! My presentation is titled “Getting Started with Virtual Reality.” I talk about several free and open resources and methods to create immersive 360 virtual reality experiences. Have low or no budget? No problem! Below, find resources related to my presentation, including the slide deck. At the bottom I list my favorite […]

Accessibility Conference Professional Development

Conference Recap: CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2019

Last week I was extremely fortunate to attend the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Anaheim, California.  This was a fantastic conference that showcased a wide variety of technology and techniques to make learning more accessible to everyone. As an instructional designer, I know that if materials are not accessible, then not everyone is learning. Plus, […]

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Recommended Online Learning & EduTech Conferences

I’m very excited to attend and present at DevLearn next week in Las Vegas, but there are lots of very good online learning/edtech conferences to attend across the country! I got these recommendations from my own experience and the WCET Discussions listserv (my POW is a member of WCET, which is an education nonprofit). DevLearn What: DevLearn […]