Professional Development for Librarians: Try New “Learning Pathways” from

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Last year LinkedIn purchased, the go-to subscription video service that teaches software, design, and more. Since the purchase, LinkedIn has been doing a lot to increase the value to users of both companies by integrating their best features. Now, LinkedIn users can complete one of 53 “Learning Pathways” on and display their achievement on their LinkedIn profiles.

More and more libraries are adding subscriptions to their digital offerings, so this is a great opportunity for librarians to pursue new skills and show off what they learned without adding to their student debt!

EduTech and instructional design skills are a growing demand from library employers, and offers a lot of professional development in these areas. Check your local public library to see if they offer a subscription, I’m lucky to work at a university that offers it to all students and employees!

I browsed through the new Learning Pathways, and pulled those that I think would be most useful to librarians:

  • EduTech
    • Become a multimedia specialist
    • Become a video editor
    • Become an ebook publisher
    • Become a graphic designer
    • Become a digital illustrator
    • Become an iOS app developer
    • Become a project manager
    • Become a project coordinator
  • Leverage Those EduTech Skills
    • Become a design business owner
    • Become a small business owner
  • Web Skills
    • Become a digital marketer
    • Become a user experience designer
    • Become a front-end web developer
    • Become a programmer
    • Become a web designer
  • Administrative Skills
    • Become a manager
    • Become a project manager
    • Become a project coordinator

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