This project was a suite of four tutorials designed to give students at California State University, Fullerton, an orientation to Pollak Library and how to do basic library research. These tutorials lived in our campus learning management system, Moodle (locally known as TITANium). The LMS issued a digital badge for completion of each tutorial.

I received input on the original storyboards for these tutorials from a couple of my colleagues, then I developed the tutorials myself in Storyline (most videos developed in Camtasia). All of the videos from this project were also uploaded to the official Pollak Library eLearning YouTube for a la carte use.

These tutorials were made a required component for the campus First Year Experience program, which helps Cal State Fullerton fulfill the information literacy requirement with our accrediting body, WASC.

Each tutorial is based on a Content-Practice-Assessment model, and is designed to have students master real-world skills related to the library. Each tutorial quiz must be passed at 100% (repeatable) to demonstrate that each learner mastered the learning objectives and truly earned the “badge” that is issued for a 100% score.

Please check out demos of the full tutorials, linked below (sorry, no badges issued for tutorials completed outside of the LMS!).

Download the Storyline files from Dropbox.

You may reuse and remix these files under a CC-BY-NC-4.0 license. Also see credits slides within each file. You must attribute Lindsay O’Neill at

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Spark Tutorial Demos