New Ebook (& Giveaway!!): 10 Mistakes in Elearning Design

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Create Storyline and Captivate courses that look and feel professional without the learning curve!

My new ebook, 10 Mistakes in Elearning Design, is available on Amazon now! I’m giving away 10 FREE copies! Get a free copy now if you pledge to post an honest review on Amazon. [Sorry! Giveaway has ended].

10 Mistakes in Elearning Design Book CoverAs an instructor, I have graded hundreds of Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate projects created by brand new elearning developers in a master’s in instructional design program. I tend to see the same few mistakes made over and over again – little things that make a big difference!

This quick guide presents the top mistakes that new elearning designers make. Follow this illustrated guide to what-NOT-to-do before you hit publish. Both before and after examples are presented, documenting the misdeeds of new designers and demonstrating improvements that benefit the learner. Avoid these mistakes to create polished and professional courses!

You’ll get a crash course in the psychology of learning, and then you’ll see the science in action through tons of examples.

Go even further: readers get downloads and more resources!

Get started creating polished and professional projects now!

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