Free Graphics, Audio, and Video for Education

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Free Graphics, Audio, And Video for Education




Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s free! In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn where you can find graphics, audio, and video for your teaching that you can reuse while respecting creators’ copyright. We’ll go over the basics of Creative Commons licenses and what it means when something is “open.” You’ll learn how to use Google Images and other sources to find open and licensed images, and you’ll come away with the basics of how these images may be reused and adapted, legally and guilt-free!

This webinar was live on Wednesday, March 7, at 10:00 am Pacific/12:00 pm Central. This program was hosted by the ULS Professional Development Committee.

Slides and Resources

Download slides (CC-by 4.0, please credit Lindsay O’Neill at

More useful links

  • Instructional Design Toolkit – Links to places to find Creative Commons-licensed media. Also offers suggested tools for creating active learning activities and producing your own multimedia.
  • – Use ImageCodr to automatically generate full citations for Flickr images.
  • – Use TinEye to find the first instance of an image posted to the web (sort results chronologically!)