Creating a Leaderboard with Storyline AND Google Sheets Web App

In my last post, I talked about how I created a single-session leaderboard from scratch in Storyline. I just couldn’t help myself and I decided to keep working on it. The single-session version of the leaderboard was pre-populated with names to give the sense of competition, but scores were only stored in that browser during that session.

So I updated the leaderboard to a universal, web-based leaderboard – no matter where the learner is taking the quiz, they see the same leaderboard as every one else! I used the code and instructions outlined in James Kingsley’s elearning brothers post, and I customized the code so that I could format my leaderboard slide just right.

Original version of leaderboard with code as-is:

original leaderboard screenshot


My leaderboard with customized code:

screenshot of leaderboard


You not only use javascript code that embeds into the Leaderboard slide, you have to set up a Google Sheet as a Web App and pop in some code over there.

The quiz itself is a question bank of 18 questions. Only 10 are loaded into the quiz randomly, so that every time you take the quiz it’s different.

I sent out the link to my colleagues at the library via Slack and within a few minutes several people had taken a crack at it and bragged about their scores.

This project is a Pollak Library trivia game that’s going to (again) be deployed on a huge touchscreen TV at an upcoming campus event.

Try it out for yourself!