Amazing Examples of Interactive Storyline Courses

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Struggling to find good examples of interactive Storyline courses? You’re not alone! Most amazing projects are proprietary – they’re built out for a client, so instructional designers aren’t able to put them onto their portfolios. Or, they may only be able to show off a small part.

But there are still lots of awesome demos out there, as well as examples that can be viewed as part of best-of webinars from DevLearn! You can also check out the portfolios of prominent instructional designers to see their work.

Demo Courses

These are interactive courses built in Storyline that I found around the web.

More Articulate elearning examples (quality varies!)

Best of DemoFest

DemoFest takes place at the DevLearn and Learning Solutions conferences each year. These are major industry conferences, and DemoFest is a fun event at each conference where an enormous room is set up with stations where instructional designers show off their projects and attendees can try them out, hands-on! Attendees vote for the best projects and the winning designers talk about their projects and show them off publicly in these recorded webinars. Sometimes a link to try out the projects is provided as well.

Many of these projects are built with Storyline, all of them are incredible.

All of these recorded webinars require a free account to view!

Be sure to download the handouts for direct links to information about the projects featured, and take note of how much time these amazing projects took to build! You might be very surprised by how much time good design takes!

Prominent Instructional Designer Portfolios

Both Tim and Christy are regulars at conferences like DevLearn and Learning Solutions. They know their stuff and have solid portfolios to show off their skills. Of course, they are not able to fully show off proprietary trainings, but you can check out samples or demo material that they have created.

Ready to Create Your Own?

Get started building out your own projects! Follow my guide to get inspiration today and build your own portfolio.