Why I’m Leaving MSIDT

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It’s time: I’m moving on from teaching full-time in Cal State Fullerton’s M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology (MSIDT) program. Fall 2023 was my last semester. I had a good run! I started teaching part-time for MSIDT in 2016 and … Continued

Captivate’s Back…Alright?: How Adobe’s Last Approach to Reflowable Elearning Flopped While Articulate’s Flew

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Incredibly, Adobe has finally launched a brand new redesign of Captivate. If you’ve been holding your breath since 2021 when the redesign (termed “Project Charm”) was announced, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking it had been sidelined and was never … Continued

New Business! New Website! Now Growing!

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Announcing my new business name, Lindsay O’Neill Consulting! I’ve also launched a brand new website, lindsayoconsulting.com (bookmark it!). I’m looking to grow my business. So many educators need practical strategies to design and facilitate effective learning experiences, and I want … Continued

Instructional Design Conferences

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Nothing beats the energy and excitement of thousands of people descending on the same site to learn together. Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to not only do some networking but to learn new things and extend your knowledge. I’ll happily … Continued

My Ebook Is On Sale!

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New to Storyline or Captivate? My guide on what NOT do to for new elearning developers is now only 99 cents now through Monday, January 23! Create Storyline and Captivate courses that look and feel professional without the learning curve! … Continued


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Check out some of the webinars and presentations I’ve done for instructional designers, librarians, higher education, and K-12! Elearning SCORM in Captivate, Storyline, and Canvas How to publish SCORM packages with Captivate and Storyline and upload to Canvas as assignments. … Continued

2020 Presentations

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Recordings available online. SchoolsFirst Center for Creativity and Critical Thinking K12 Online Teaching Webinars: Backwards Design Strategies This session introduced backward design, also known as competency-based learning. We covered the basics of lesson design and writing measurable learning objectives. K12 … Continued

Recommended Websites, Conferences, Podcasts, Professional Organizations, & Social Media Groups for Instructional Design and Elearning

Occasionally I get asked by new instructional designers what websites they should check out, what podcasts I like, what conferences are good to attend. Here’s my official list of recommendations for instructional design and elearning websites, conferences, podcasts, professional organizations, … Continued

Conference Recap: CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2019

Last week I was extremely fortunate to attend the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Anaheim, California.  This was a fantastic conference that showcased a wide variety of technology and techniques to make learning more accessible to everyone. As an instructional … Continued

Online Learning in Academic Libraries: Showcase of Library Tutorials

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When I was a new Instructional Design Librarian in 2014 I sought out examples of great online tutorials from other academic libraries to get ideas for what our own library should have. Our library at the time was seriously lacking … Continued

Two Virtual Reality Projects Built With Adobe Captivate 2019

I’ve written previously about how intrigued I was by the newest version of Adobe Captivate, which now supports 360 images and facilitates creation of interactive virtual reality learning experiences, if they’re a bit limited yet in functionality. I’ve also written … Continued

2019 Presentations

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Presentations in 2019: Keynote Panel (Recording available, requires sign-up) March 13, Library 2.019 Shaping the Future of Libraries with Instructional Design Create Interactive and Accessible Tutorials with H5P April 1-5, Distance Library Instruction Virtual Poster Session hosted by the ACRL … Continued

ALA Poster Teaser Infographic: Accessible H5P Activities

I would love to chat about elearning development and accessibility at ALA Annual in New Orleans! I’ve got three presentations/events lined up: Tutorials that are interactive, accessible, AND open? It’s possible with H5P! Poster presenter, The Educators Poster Session Saturday, June … Continued

I Made a Twitter Bot

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I’m a fan of Twitter bots. Not the Russian propaganda ones, but rather the musings of unstaffed Twitter accounts that randomly generate surrealist content. I enjoy the abstract renderings of Soft Landscapes, which offers automated and surreal yet soothing landscape … Continued

2018 Presentations

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Presentations in 2018: Online Webinar: 20 Apps in 60 Minutes (For Educators) January 31st, hosted by ACRL University Libraries Section. Get slides and view the recording. Online Webinar: Free Graphics, Audio, and Video for Education March 7th, hosted by ACRL University … Continued

Blog Post Title

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What goes into a blog post? Helpful, industry-specific content that: 1) gives readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows you’re an industry expert. Use your company’s blog posts to opine on current industry topics, humanize your company, and show how … Continued

Open Ed Conference 2017: The Perfect Opportunity

Slides from my Open Ed Conference 2017 presentation, The perfect opportunity: Transforming a graduate instructional design degree with affordable and open educational resources. The perfect opportunity: Transforming a graduate instructional design degree with affordable and open educational resources from Lindsay O’Neill

Spark Tutorials recognized as ACRL-IS Site of the Month!

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I regularly submit my tutorials to ACRL Instruction Section’s PRIMO Database, which peer-reviews instructional materials created by librarians. I’ve been very fortunate to have several accepted! My Spark Tutorial “Finding Articles and Databases” scored high enough on the reviewer rubric … Continued

Instructional Design Librarian Starter Kit

Instructional design-related librarianship is a growing field, just like instructional design is. I get asked periodically about what it is exactly that I do, and while I love sharing my own experience, someone with the exact same job title as … Continued

Free Downloads are Here!

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I’ve added a Free Downloads page to my website – previously visitors had to hunt for my free templates in my Portfolio. Use and reuse these files for free under the terms of the Creative Commons license assigned to each. … Continued

2017 Presentations

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Presentations in 2017: Blended Librarian: Conversations with Blended Librarians Panel Panelist. Online webinar March 2, 3 pm Eastern (recording is available) California State University, Fullerton, College of Education Webinar Series Online webinar March 6, 6 pm Pacific (recording is available on YouTube) Association … Continued

Getting Library Badges and eLearning Off the Ground

So – since 2014 I’ve been the Instructional Design Librarian and now Instruction Coordinator at Cal State Fullerton. I’ve been interested in badges and scaling up library instruction with eLearning for a while. I pitched badges last year to our interim university librarian, and he’s … Continued

2016 Presentations

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Four presentations in 2016, including three full-length presentations and a poster: SCIL Works, Cal State Fullerton, February 19 [Slides] Dance into the FIRe: Engaging with the framework to develop an information literacy curriculum for freshmen Co-presenting with Terrones, L., Lambert, J., Prieto, … Continued

2015 Presentations

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Five major presentations in 2015, including four posters and a webinar panel. ALA Annual Conference “Transforming library information literacy instruction to support high impact practices: A model redesign” (poster session), with Lettycia Terrones, California State University, Fullerton. Poster session presented at the American … Continued

The Zenith of Spring

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At this moment, I am preparing to teach three one-shot sessions back-to-back (all for one instructor, how does she handle this workload twice a week??). I’m also meaning to finish up a proposal for ACRL’s Assessment in Action, I need … Continued

2014 Presentations

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One lightning presentation in 2014: SALAD: My experience collecting and providing access to electronic Arizona government documents from Lindsay O’Neill “SALAD: My experience collecting and providing access to Arizona government documents” (blitz presentation). Arizona Library Association Annual Conference, Fort McDowell, … Continued

2013 Presentations

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One poster presentation in 2013: “Removing the mystery: Promoting your unique collection with Twitter” (poster session). Joint Arizona Library Association-Mountain Plains Library Association Annual Conference, Fort McDowell, Arizona, November 2013 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 … Continued