Resources and Further Reading

Practice Activity: Analyze a Website

In this practice activity, you will analyze accessibility of a given webpage, write down the issues that you discover, and then self-check your analysis.


  1. Open the WAVE tool in a new tab
  2. Open the webpage “Accessible University” in a new tab
  3. Use WAVE to analyze “Accessible University.” Write down the issues that you discover. What changes would you make?
  4. Once you’ve completed your analysis of “Accessible University,” check your work. View the List of Accessibility Issues for Accessible University.

How does your list compare? Did you catch everything?

If you’d like, you can also check out the “after” version of Accessible University, which has fixed its accessibility issues. Run it through WAVE and see how its accessibility features have improved.

Want more practice?

Check out W3C’s Before and After Demonstration. Analyze a webpage’s “before” version, and then compare to the “after” version that has been made accessible.