Lindsay O’Neill Consulting specializes in elevating educational practices with a special focus on the unique needs of libraries. Founded by Lindsay O’Neill, a seasoned instructional designer, educator, and former academic librarian, LOC is committed to delivering interactive, impactful webinars and expert consulting services that enhance teaching effectiveness and your learners’ experience.



Participate in engaging webinars designed to deliver practical skills and innovative strategies across various educational contexts, including:

– Learning Design: Crafting effective learning experiences for diverse audiences.
– Digital Learning: Integrating digital tools to transform teaching and library services.
– Pedagogy and Information Literacy: Merging educational best practices with a focus on information literacy to foster an enriching learning environment.

Consulting Services

LOC offers tailored consulting that addresses the specific challenges faced by educational institutions and libraries. Whether it’s developing instructional programs, enhancing user engagement, or implementing educational technology, our consultancy provides the tools and knowledge necessary for thriving in today’s educational landscape.

Learning Experience Design

We design learning experiences that are inclusive of all learners. By leveraging multimedia, interactive elements, and real-world applications, we design courses and curricula that captivate learners.

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